Friday, January 9

Heyyyy :)

Its been a while I haven't blogging. Since I forgot my old blog's password. Why should this happened to me?? GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! 

I want my old blog back stupid dummy me~

HAHA~ Okey. Forget about the stupid thingy there. 

Am back for good. To continue babbling about my life. Sometimes, experiences or feelings you cannot share with other. It might speechless or dumbfonded or secret. Yeah rite~

I donno either my blog got some reader or maybe am writing for myself. Why not? 

I want to introduce myself. Just in case someone read my nasty blog out there. 

Name's Suziey C. 2015, am 19. Not old enough because am CUTE. BHHAHAHA~
Based in Malaysia. Am full time student in UiTM Pulau Pinang.
 An executive chef-to-be. Currently taking Diploma in Culinary Arts. 

Am from Kuala Lumpur. But after 16 years, am moving to Sarawak. My father has retired as a soldier laaa~

My hobbies? Depends on my mood. Hahahaaha.

Am also a great stalker. 

A little bit about me. 

Catch ya later bloggie. 

Bonne-nuit. :)