Monday, November 9

Hello to the hell and O!

So hey you there. The one who's reading my post here. Yeah you! Are you reading it alone or there's someone behind you? If its human, its fine. But if not, I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Well, some superstitious people will freak out. Damn it right? But you know? There's something gonna follow you everywhere. Even when you're asleep, they be there. What? Scared?

I wanna ask you. What do you usually think before going to bed? Your problems? Really? Dig that in the ground and covered it with soil then put some gravestone on it.

But, the things that you just bury gonna awaken again. It never die unless you're death or strong enough to put it aside or you're just read a mantra to lock it in there. Creepy? Nope.

Smile creatures, if you know what i mean.