Wednesday, November 11

No one can't drag you down.

Greetings everyone. So tonight, I'll babbling about self confidence. Why this topic? Because some of my friends asked me how in the world i got a very highly intense level of self confidence. How can i confront the crowd on the stage? How? HAHAHA. LOL.

Back to school era, am the one who hardly being shy <assumed by my gang>. (Hey, am shy okey). We got this nasty presentation and my bestie got her nerve out of her back. She asked me, how do control that nervous feeling? Me said.. I donno!

Actually, am just being myself. Just do it and ignore your surrounding.

Back to reality nowadays, am scrolling instagram. Am found a few of hot girls instagram account. Shit they're really hot and beautiful. And their age is 15 years old, i was like HOLY CRAP. They're like 25 something at my first glance. Yeah, then am comparing myself to them. Damn. Am nothing. Like beauty and the beast! I started to wander my thoughts. Am started to feel like am damn ugly. Am started to feel like am wanna be le beau est jolie as them. PAP! I can't.

I can't because i have to be myself. Am was thinking, am good in cooking, baking and some other stuffs, but they're only good in selfies and fashion. Damn it. My point here is, we all have special abilities. Dorang mungkin famous kat insta tapi tak semestinya dorang bagus. Dorang famous sebab cantik, tayang badan and so on.

Aku positifkan diri dengan cakap macam tu. Well, most of the girls nowadays can't cook even potong bawang pun tak reti. Selfie ngan makeup fashion and clubbing pandai. Padahal umur baru nak baligh.
Jangan laa terasa rendah diri hanya sebab kecantikan luaran orang lain. Pandang diri sendiri, baiki diri sendiri.

Kalau berjaya pun kau yang bahagia, kau gagal lak kau susah pastu orang gelakkan.

My post kali ni bersepah. Ini je terbuku dalam hati aku. HAHAHA.