Saturday, December 12

Nowadays, for me, good friends are hard (extremely hard) to find. Whoever can stand by your side by thick and thin, don't lose them. But people seems to take advantages over other people. That is why we can't being sooooo nice to anyone. They might stab you with a katana from the back. Dude, friends like that for me is not worth it to cry for, to mourn for and to be with.

These kinda people usually be nice to us when need something or need our help. (BAM! YOU'RE NOT DESERVED TO BE HELPED BY ME! BUT BECAUSE I'M TOO NICE SO YEAH). These fellow friends will forget about you once they happy, or got other friends.

Anyone here got some friends like what i've mention above, you may slowly scrap their name and 'BEST FRIEND' title from your heart. Then, throw it into the hell. Don't treat anyone so nice until you get hurt because of them. Wasting of your time.

Go along with someone or anyone who deserved to be your friends.