Tuesday, January 26

Dark elixir.

Guess that someone has drinking up a tons of dark elixir. That spell has concealing their heart with hatred and dumbness. You know why? Because they can't think wisely. They keep following their emotion or somewhat we can call their ass. Emotion are created from our heart. If there's no dirt scattered on our heart, or maybe a little, it might be easy to control that EMOTION thing. I've conclude that to erase the dirt you have to sacrifice a lot. You have to CHANGE. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION (the way you think). 

Somehow, transformation can be hard too. Still, what i can say is, its depends on our self. Just like a torchlight. If you got a good battery, it will shine brighter and vice versa. Positive attitude should be implemented. 

If hatred seeds has been dig into your soil of heart, please, dig it up and throw it away. Its no good at all. This factor can lead to separation and crashing the relationship that you have built or preserved for a long time. Flashback to the old times. How we loved each other, how we helped each other. 

Yeap. Dark elixir are everywhere. In many forms. In many shape. In many ways it can camouflage itself and you might get a sip of it, so be careful. People nowadays constantly want to drag each other down until to the center of the earth, so they might be powerful. 

Stay away from dark elixir, but stay inside our God's love. 

best regards,