Friday, March 11


One word that might change someone/something. We can take comparison as a good paradigm to improve our self, but also it can bring our soul to the deepest heart-cracked situation. We can compare other people with us, and set our mind to be the best, not like them or in their way, but in our own way. Sometimes, others are comparing us to other people too. Cannot deny it, right? Especially for teens and students. Hahaha alwayssssss being compared by their parents. Yeah. Parents can compare their children but in a good way. Don't simply like 'your cuzzy iz bettah than yuhhh' or 'this ah boy can do this, yuh cannot aa' or 'why yuh cant be like this child' and so on. Half of this, we, as teens can digest it. Some, are way no. Its kinda mental-scratching and may be a trigger to disappointment or like they never being appreciated. Well, teens are hard to understand. Their emotion can be high, and can be in the lowest point. Nahhh, back to our topic. Comparison. If this thing do in correct way, yes, you already save a person's emotion from drowning. But please, don't compare too much because every single person in this earth has their own capabilities and talent. Who knows they can conquer this entire universe by typing on the keyboard?